Warm and sunny day

It has been a warm and sunny day. 🙂 But the wind is strong. I had a little too my clothes on (for example winter gloves…) when I took the bike to the flea market etc. Yesterday was so cold and rainy. I thought today would be too. But I think it might be +13-15 C, at least in sunny places.

Some kind person (or persons) bought all my ABBA CDs. 😀 Yay! I think I had eight or nine of those CDs. Also noticed some other items that were missing, so I hope I’ve sold them too. I put lower price tags on a few of the things but I am not sure it’s enough. I do hope one of the three large items (a vase and two lamps) will be sold, because they take so much space when I have to take everything home again… Come on! A lamp for 3 euros!? Is that so expensive?? They are nice lamps too. One of them I could use, but it’s unnecessary to have two lamps in the ceiling in the living room. Ok, the vase I can understand. It was mum who wanted to sell it and personally I wouldn’t buy a vase like that. But still, other people may. They just haven’t visited the flea market yet… They only have two more days. 🙂

When I came to my table I noticed several items that were not mine. A couple of toys and several clothes… *sighs* Of course my things can be on someone else’s table too. But I don’t have time nor energy to go through every table in that place looking for my stuff.

I noticed that the new Miss Finland, Lotta Hintsa, is the daughter of Aki Hintsa, who is McLaren’s doctor in Formula 1! 😀 Didn’t connect the two names before I saw it on the tabloids today… 

I’m hungry. I need food. I’ll eat the last of the macaronis that I made on Saturday. 

Tonight it’s hockey time again! 😀 Finland vs. France. I promise, if France wins this game, I’m not going to watch any more ice hockey this tournament… But I do think Finland wins. My guess is 6-2.


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