Ice hockey

Today’s game against Slovakia was better. 🙂 Finland won 2-0 and the game was much faster than yesterday. The goalkeeper played first time ever for the Lions and took everything, even if Slovakia tried lots and lots of times to score goal.

Kept myself awake by making some bookmarks. But they are not ready, I still need to cover them with book plastic. I printed them from the Internet and cut them out, colored a little bit too. Tomorrow I’ll put the plastic on them. 

A few more items sold at the flea market. 🙂 I went there around 1 pm today. Tomorrow I will not have time to visit the flea market, as I have to baby sit my nephew Alec at my sister’s house may be four hours. 

Cooked macaronis and minced meat today. A big portion so I can eat the same thing on Sunday and Monday too. 🙂

Also started crocheting a bird. But It’s only a few rows. Still have plenty to crochet on it.

Haven’t read anything today, nor have I cross stitched.

Mum left for Sweden early in the morning. She’ll come home May 12th. We’ll see what the cat says. I am sure he has already noticed that she is not here and haven’t been for the whole day.

Tired. But I still have a few more things to do before I can go to bed. Hopefully the cat won’t wake me up at 5 am as he usually does.


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