Flea market

Ok, now all the stuff are at the flea market. I went there at 12 when they opened and then I had to return at 4 pm with the last of the stuff (because I couldn’t take everything on the bicycle).

Already in the afternoon my table was a mess. 😦 That’s the problem with flea markets. Customers don’t care about the things that are for sale. They take them up, look at them and then just throws them back down on the table. Or they put the things on someone else’s table… When I got there in the afternoon I found some clothes thrown on my table; clothes that I did not sell…

So I have to go back there every day and clean the table. It’s difficult to remember items that have been there before and isn’t there now, especially when the customers are moving the things around so much. But from what I could see, I have sold some items at least. 🙂 If they have not, of course, been thrown on an other table… That I don’t know.

After I left the flea market in the afternoon I went to the library and changed my library card. 🙂 The library has changed the design of the card. And although the old cards can still be used, you can get a new card for free during May. You could choose if you wanted a green, a pink or an orange card. Not my favorite colors. But I chose the green card. So now I have to learn the number on the new card.

Even if it’s Thursday, they are showing Let´s Dance tonight. 🙂 Maria Montazami has lots of pains in her back, so I wonder how she will be able to dance a quickstep… May be she is the one sent home today. I hope not.

Now I’ll go read the Hobbit and tonight, while I watch Let´s Dance, I’ll cross stitch on the Chinese New Year piece.


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