Licorice and licorice

Went to the market square today with mum, my sister Eva, her daughter Wilma and Alec, my brother’s son. They quickly lost interest and went to my grand mum instead. I bought a licorice ice cream, watched the parade, listened to a male choir that sang from the town hall balcony. After that I took a better look at what they were selling on the market square. I bought a can of Coca-Cola (that I’ve just drank at home) and licorice. They sell licorice that are 1 meter long. At least they claim they are 1meter, but I have never actually measured then. 😉 They are good in any case. 😀

The wind was strong and it was cold, but sunny. Too bad it was so windy, otherwise it would have been warm.

When I got home after a couple of hours, I vacuum cleaned my floor, emptied my sofa (half of the sofa is always filled with books and magazines and stuff), moved the sofa further into the room, vacuum cleaned behind the sofa, took down the curtains etc. When mum and Alec gets back, the window in my room will be washed the first time ever since we moved here a few years ago, I think. Not even sure we’ll be able to open the window. We’ll see.

Now I am going to put chicken wings in the oven. They need to be there for 50 minutes. If mum and Alec is not home before the food is ready, they can warm the food up when they get home. But it’s already close to 2 pm. So I think they will be home before 3 pm.


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