Little bits of this and that

I am done with all the price tags. 😀 On Thursday I start selling. Now I just need to figure out a way of getting all the stuff there… Well, I have my backpack and probably a few plastic bags on each side of the bicycle.

Don’t really feel anything about May 1st this year. Of course I’ll go to town, look at all the things going on, but I’m not in a particularly festive mood. My nephew Alec will be here tomorrow, so I am going with him and mum to town. Then they will probably visit grand mum and I will do something else or go home.

Did some cross stitching today. Almost done with the words. Soon I can start stitching pictures of animals and paper lanterns.

Also made a poodle finger puppet of felt. I bought a copy of Mollie Makes (I only buy a few issues a year) and this time they have on the cover five different dogs that are finger puppets. Will make the rest in a few days.

Had time to write a book review too. Could have been longer, but I think it’s enough. It was a good book. The Sisterhood by Helen Bryan.

Wow, this Internet connection is really slow at the moment. When I write something it takes about 10 seconds before the words appear on the screen. Don’t know if it is the internet connection of WordPress that are really slow at the moment.

Tasted the mead today. 🙂 A little strong, in my taste, but okay. Usually only drink may be 3-5 glasses per season.

Last evening with TLC on TV. 😦 Had to give it up, because the TV company removed the channel that shows Formula 1 from the package that I had. So I had to give up the package and choose another one, with the sports channel. I will not miss Formula 1! Because I gave up the package I also lost the Swedish channels, so I had to buy two more packages which shows the Swedish channels. Good thing is, from tomorrow I can see Swedish 1, 2, 3, 4 and a few others that I don’t remember. I only had 3 and 4 before. It only cost me five euros extra a month, so it’s not a huge deal. But of course I am a bit annoyed that I lost TLC, which was my favorite TV channel. 😦

Ok, I am soon going nuts over this slow Internet. I will log out and before turning the lights off, I’ll read a few pages of the Hobbit. Linda, I know what you are thinking, but I really enjoyed the first 30 pages. And I plan on reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy after the Hobbit, no matter what people think about my book taste.


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