Bookmark photo


Tried to take a picture of my Garfield bookmarks. In case you don’t see the text… From top left:

1. Hm… What?? Garfield… Who else?
2. ZZZZZZZ…. Hm, something doesn’t feel right… That’s better!
3. A bone!! He He! I’m innocent! What? Me? Oh, boy!
4. Tomorrow the Easter bunny will bring me the world’s largest chocolate egg! What did you say? There is no Easter bunny?
5. Pst! What? Who’s there? No one here? Where are you? Hi, pal! There you are!
6. Happy Valentine’s Day!
7. Can you keep a secret? Well? Can you? Teddy is my best friend!!
8. Did someone say food? And dessert! Burp!! What a nice day!!
9. A big lasagna, thank you! Wait! I forgot to order extra cheese!
10. 9.05 am Step 1. 9.10 am Step 2. 9.15 am Step 3. I hate Mondays!
11. I’m bored. Wait! I know! Scared, Garfield?
12. One extra large pizza with 5 fillings, please! … and a doughnut! Oh no! Is this true? Next time I’ll just take the pizza!

Sorry if the picture is blurry…


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