Today I made 12 Garfield bookmarks. 😀 I cut out pictures from an old comic album that I had. I didn’t plan to make 12, I just cut out the pictures I liked and started putting them together. Then I added some text and covered everything with book plastic. I did take pictures of the bookmarks, but they didn’t turn out well. So I’ll try tomorrow again.

As for my other bookmarks I am making… I have three and a half signs left. Pisces is half finished and after that I have Capricorn, Gemini and Leo. I thought I would have done all cross stitching today. But then I made the Garfield bookmarks instead.

I also had time to write and send a letter to Belgium.

Today I also made a reservation for a table at the flea market. So from May 2nd to 8th I will sell some of my stuff at the flea market. I’ve found a lot to sell, but I will try to find something more too.


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