Mead recipe

Mum is making mead today, a sweet mead that we Finns drink around May 1st. I thought I would give the recipe. 😀

10 liters of boiling water
0.5 kilogram of brown sugar
0.5 kilogram of regular sugar
1 bottle (33 cl) of beer
1 lemon
A quarter of a teaspoon of yeast
A little more sugar

In a bucket that can take 10 liters, put the brown and the white sugar. Peel the lemon (try to avoid as much white as possible), throw down the lemon peel in the bucket. Add the lemon juice too (but not the stones). Add the boiling water. You will have to boil water several times as you probably don’t have a pan that is big enough. 🙂 Stir around a bit so the sugar dissolves. Cover the bucket with a plate or a big lid or  something.

When the liquid is cool (which takes a few hours at least), add the beer and a tiny bit of yeast.

The following morning, strain the liquid (to remove the lemon peel). Put 10-15 raisins and a couple of teaspoons of sugar in glass bottles (for example wine bottles). Fill the bottles with the mead. Let it be in room temperature over the day, then put them in the refrigerator.

The mead is ready in 4-5 days when the raisins have reached the top of the bottle. 😀

Feel free to ask if you have questions!


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