Strong wind

Quite a strong wind here at the moment. That’s never funny, as the windows are shaking and rumbling… Hope the wind slows down soon.

Apparently Kimi Räikkönen suffered an allergic reaction a few hours before the GP in Bahrain. That makes his second place even more impressive! 😀 

The library has a large sale of old books this week. It’s books that are old, dirty, with old facts, ripped etc. Only 50 cents each. Too late I thought about buying a few extra books, any books, and use the pages when I am making bookmarks and other puzzling things. It looks nice when you use a page from a book on a card or whatever you might want to make.

I must go to the library tomorrow again and buy a few books for that purpose. I am not going to read the books I buy, just rip the pages out. I wouldn’t rip the pages out of a book that I actually want to read. 

Three horoscope signs are completely x-stitched now. 🙂 Aries, Sagittarius and Virgo. Tomorrow I’ll do Taurus and a few other, depending on how much time/energy I have to x-stitch.

Now I need to sleep.


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