Let’s Dance

Friday nights means “Let’s Dance” on TV. It’s the Swedish version of “Dancing with the stars”. I have two favorite celebrity dancers this year and both made it to next week. 🙂 Swedish Hollywood wife Maria Montazami and Swedish artist Markoolio.

Today is also Formula 1 in Bahrain. Always nice to see Kimi Räikkönen as number 1 after the free practice session. 😀 But as always, it’s only practicing and things can change tomorrow and in the race on Sunday.

I will not be able to watch any F1 tomorrow, as I am going to a big market that they have in a sports arena outside of town. I’ll go there with bus. There will be probably around 200 people selling things and promoting their goods. Areas covered are tourism, food, books, garden, boats, health and probably some others too that I’ve forgotten. It will take at least a few hours walking around looking at all kinds of things. The market continues on Sunday. But because the Bahrain GP is on Sunday, I decided to go on Saturday instead. The GP is more important than the qualifying.

I really hope they solve the problems in Boston soon and catch who ever was involved with the bombings.

I made several bookmarks today, and cross stitched pretty much as well. Pictures will follow, maybe on the weekend or next week.

It’s already almost midnight in this part of the world. So I’d better log out and go to bed.


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