First post

Ok, this is my first post on WordPress. Previously I blogged in a Swedish-Finnish site called X3M. But they decided to quit all the blog activity there, so all bloggers had to move somewhere else. 😦 Now I am here! 😀 This blog will be about what i do (I cross stitch, crochet amigurumis, make bookmarks and ATC, although I haven’t done any in a while). I will also write about my other hobbies and things that I like, including Formula 1 and the Finnish Icehockey Team, the Leijonat (Lions). I’ll write about this and that, what happens in the world, a little about what I’ve done etc.

Later I will try to learn more about this site, see if I can post pictures of what I’ve done. I’ll also upload with a bit more information about me.

So stay tuned! 🙂


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